Half Pan: Good for 6 people | Full Pan: Good for 12 people


Fresh Lumpia

sauteed fresh vegetables, peanut sauce

Half Pan (10 pieces) 450 | Full Pan (20 pieces) 900

Pork Barbecue

skewered tender slices of marinated pork belly

Half Pan (10 pieces) 450 | Full Pan (20 pieces) 900


sauteed jicama and coconut heart, a classic famous cebuano spring roll

Half Pan (10 pieces) 400 | Full Pan (20 prieces) 800


Half Pan 770 | Full Pan 1,540

Baked Scallops

Half Pan (30 pieces) 560 | Full Pan (60 pieces) 1,120

Croquetas De Chorizo

chorizo, onions, butter, shaped into balls and fried

Half Pan (20 pieces) 575 | Full Pan (40 pieces) 1,150

Honey Bagoong Wings

seasoned chicken wings, fried and tossed in gochujang sauce

Half Pan 700 | Full Pan 1,400



Grilled Caesar Salad w/ Bagoong Dressing

romaine lettuce, smoked bacon, bagoong dressing, parmesan

Half Pan 880 | Full Pan 1,750

Alugbati & Kesong Puti Salad w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette

grilled alugbati leaves, beets & carrots, garlic-balsamic dressing

Half Pan 800 | Full Pan 1,600

Crispy Tinapa Salad w/ Honey Dalandan Dressing

romaine, arugula, tinapa, ripe mango, kesong puti, honey dalandan dressing

Half Pan 880 | Full Pan 1,750

Fiesta Salad w/ Calamansi Dressing

Description: fresh lettuce, mango, pomelo, watermelon, kesong puti served with calamansi vinaigrette

Half Pan 800 | Full Pan 1,200

Coconut Chopseuy

coconut meat, brocolli, cabbage, carrots, baguio beans

Half Pan 850 | Full Pan 1,700

Pinakbet w/ Pork

sauteed kalabasa, sitaw, talong, ampalaya, okra, bagnet, lola bagoong

Half Pan 775 | Full Pan 1,550

Pork Laing

ground pork, taro leaves, coconut milk, labuyo

Half Pan 700 | Full Pan 1,400

Buttered Vegetables

fresh vegetables in season, sauteed in garlic and butter

Half Pan 600 | Full Pan 1,200


Spicy Tinapa Pasta

smoked bangus, tomatoes, chili

Half Pan 900 | Full Pan 1,800

Chorizong Hubad

homemade chorizo, garlic confit, poached egg

Half Pan 1,200 | Full Pan 2,400

Pancit Lechon

lechon kawali, boiled egg, vegetables

Half Pan 1,000 | Full Pan 2,000

Longganisa Pasta

home made longganisa, cheddar cheese 

Half Pan 950 | Full Pan 1,900

Pasta Negra

squid ink, aligue, baby squid

Half Pan 2,300 | Full Pan 4,600

Shrimp Aligue

shrimp, aligue sauce, cream

Half Pan 1,700 | Full Pan 3,400

Tartufo Pasta

truffle oil, portobello mushroom, cream

Half Pan 1,600 | Full Pan 3,200


layers of fresh ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese and home-made tomato sauce

Half Pan 1,500 | Full Pan 3,000


Chori Burger

grilled chorizo patties, aioli and brioche bun

Box of 4: 760

OG Chicken Burger

fried and seasoned chicken thigh fillet, spicy coleslaw, brioche bun

Box of 4: 800

Cheese Burger

quarter pound burger patty, cheddar cheese slice, onion, tomato, mayonnaise, brioche bun

Box of 4: 920



LoLa Kare Kare

braised beef brisket, ox tripe, rich peanut sauce, lola bagoong

Half Pan 1,700 | Full Pan 3,400

Beef Tenderloin Salpicao

beef tenderloin, garlic confit

Half Pan 1,700 | Full Pan 3,400

Truffle Lengua

slow cooked ox tongue, oyster mushroom, truffle cream sauce

Half Pan 2,200 | Full Pan 4,400

Beef Triple Callos

slow cooked beef brisket and beef tripe, simmered w/ chickpeas, bacon, green olives & spanish chorizo

Half Pan 2,200 | Full Pan 4,400

Kimchi Kaldereta

braised beef brisket, spicy tomato pasta, liver pate, kimchi vegetables

Half Pan 1,700 | Full Pan 3,400

Beef Belly

2 days marinated angus beef belly, onion gravy

Half Pan 1,650 | Full Pan 3,300



Fried Chicken in Garlic Butter

chicken thighs, garlic butter sauce, ginger scallion

Half Pan 1,300 | Full Pan 2,600

Chimichurri Chicken

marinated whole deboned chicken, grilled and flavored with fresh chimichurri sauce   

One Whole Chicken 1,200

Boneless Chicken Inasal

lemongrass & anatto marinated boneless chicken, lola atchara, lola vinegar

Half Pan 1,200 | Full Pan 2,400

Boneless Chicken Barbeque

marinated and grilled boneless chicken fillet   

Half Pan 1,000 | Full Pan 2,000

Chicken Fillet Salpicao

sauteed chicken fillet cubes, garlic confit

Half Pan 1,000 | Full Pan 2,000

Chicken Inasal Sisig

sizzling chicken served w/ chicken oil aioli

Half Pan 1,000 | Full Pan 2,000



Roasted Belly Tocino

pork belly tocino, mustasa, chicharon, pickled green mango

Half Pan 1,650 | Full Pan 3,300

LōLa Bicol Express

coconut beurre blanc, pork belly, bagoong, chilis

Half Pan 1,750 | Full Pan 3,500

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder w/ Adobo Glaze

slow roasted pork shoulder in adobo sauce reduction

Half Pan 1,650 | Full Pan 3,300

Bone Marrrow Sisig

grilled bone marrow, sisig, kamias jam

Half Pan 1,300 | Full Pan 2,600

Lechon Belly De Cebu

a classic Cebuano favorite! marinated pork belly, slow roasted to crispy skin and tender flavorful meat 

Half Pan 1,500 | Full Pan 3,000




White Fish w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce

breaded and fried white fish fillets tossed in classic sweet and sour sauce

Half Pan 1,000 | Full Pan 2,000

Boneless Bangus Ala Pobre

pan fried bangus, garlic confit, ala pobre sauce

Half Pan 1,350 | Full Pan 2,700

Bangus Sisig

bangus sisig, egg, onions and tomatoes

Half Pan 1,100 | Full Pan 2,200

Tiger Prawns in Aligue

poached tiger prawns in crab fat, chili-garlic sauce, lemon butter

Half Pan  2,200 | Full Pan 4,400

Chili Shrimp

fresh shrimp, chili garlic sauce,

Half Pan 1,200 | Full Pan 2,400

Grilled Tuna Belly

Half Pan 1,800 | Full Pan 3,600

Baked Salmon w/ Vegetables

seasoned fresh salmon, cream and cheese sauce, broccoli

Half Pan 1,900 | Full Pan 3,800


Chicken Inasal Sisig Rice - 240

sizzling chicken served w/ chicken oil aioli

Chicken Tinola Rice - 285

chicken thigh & leg, ginger & lemongrass rice pilaf, pickled green papaya

Beef Salpicao Rice - 310

beef tenderloin, fried egg, garlic, lola atchara

Kare Kare Bagoong Rice - 310

braised beef brisket, ox tripe, rich peanut sauce, lola bagoong

Roast Pork Adobo Rice - 300

LōLa's Bicol Express Rice - 300

coconut beurre blanc, pork belly, bagoong, chilis

Roasted Belly Tocino Rice - 300

pork belly tocino, mustasa, chicharon, pickled green mango, bagoong rice

Pork Sisig Rice - 195

pork sisig, egg, kamias jam, garlic rice

Bangus Sisig Rice - 195

bangus sisig, egg, onions and tomatoes, garlic rice


Kesong Puti Cheesecake

5in 475 | 8in 1,650

Ube Quezo De Bolo Cheesecake

5in 485 | 8in 1,700

Mango Cheesecake

5in 485 | 8in 1,700

Auro Tsokolate Cake

5in 350 | 8in 850