FAQs: Dine-ins | Reservations

Are Dine-ins allowed this pandemic?

  • Dine-ins are allowed but subect to IATF and LGU guidelines. While on varying alert status’, it is almost certain that only a certain percentage of seats can be accommodated. It is ideal that reservations are in place (especially during weekends) across all LOLA outlets to ensure that we can have seats prepared for you


How can I place a reservation?

  • Just contact the store of your choice through mobile, landline or whatsapp. Please leave your details such as name, contact, number of guests, and date/time of visit


Are Seniors or Kids allowed to dine-in?

  • This will be subject to IATF and LGU guidelines. We will comply with prevailing regulations 


Do you have alfresco?

  • Yes! All outlets have alfresco. Some outlets have bigger capacity than the others 


Do you have parking?

  • Yes, all outlets have ample parking space numbering more than 10. If these spaces gets full, our guard can direct you to other nearby areas where you can park 


Are pets allowed?

  • Yes! All outlets are pet-friendly but for the comfort of all our guests, we would like to request that you occupy seats in the alfresco. It will also help if your pets have diapers.