FAQs: Events

What are Events at LOLA?

  • These are special occasions and celebrations done at our outlets. We have had weddings, birthdays, reunions, meetings, press/media events done at our venues
  • The service type is usually via packages, where clients select their budget and their lineup of food and drinks. If customized menu is preferred, our managers on-site are trained to assist as well
  • Programs and other entertainment are normal happenings but are now subject to IATF and LGU guidelines this pandemic 


Where can I see the packages?

  • You may see the events packages under the EVENTS section of this website


What are the inclusions?

  • Food, service and venue
  • Other equipment and amenities such as mics, basic sound system, white screens and projectors are available via request (some are subject to a small rental charge)


Where can I inquire?

  • You may inquire through our social media (FB and IG), from which you will be given a simple form. The admin will then endorse your details to the chosen outlet manager
  • Due to volume of inquiries, the first communication will be via email. Please also check your spam inbox if there has been no communication after two (2) business days. Expect some delays if on weekends.
  • A better option to inquire is to contact the outlet of your choice directly. Our contact numbers are available internally (website, IG, FB) or publicly (Google business, Mall directory) for each of our outlets


How do you serve the food?

  • Our standard service is Assisted Buffet where our servers control the portion per guest when they queue at the Buffet Area
  • Other arrangements will need to be discussed with the events manager


Is there corkage fee?

  • We charge corkage fee for outside food and drinks that will be consumed in-venue


What is the minimum number of people to avail the event package?

  • Minimum of 20 pax 


What is the guest count?

  • It will depend on how many persons you want to feed (extras considered). Kids and seniors are to your discretion and we may package them separately as long as the consumable is achieved


How is the charging?

  • Our packages are designed to be per-head, and we have four price ranges to choose from. Anything outside of it can be customized and discussed with the events manager
  • While charging will be per head, it also noteworthy to remember that our outlets also go by consumable rates per area. If your guest count x per-head rate falls under the consumable, you may need to negotiate this with our manager to either top-up the rate, or to bridge the difference through a Gift Certificate or future/outside purchase
  • We will portion the food based on your event order (number of guests). In the event that more than expected guests arrive, you may either top-up via additional food orders, or sacrifice a little bit on the portioning
  • We will request a downpayment to confirm the event, but more importantly to lock the event date/time
  • All services done within premises are subject to the prevailing service charge rate (SVC)
  • All discounts are not applicable to the event package


How much are the consumable per outlet?

  • Due to various factors such as ever-changing lockdown conditions, we will inform the current consumable rates through private channels


Do you provide food tasting?

  • Yes, we provide free food tasting good for 2 persons for confirmed exclusive (whole) restaurant bookings
  • Other options for food tasting may be done on a regular transaction level


What is the capacity?

  • All outlets have relatively large seating capacities over 100. But given the pandemic situation, we can only accommodate a fraction of this. The number of guests we can allow is subject to prevailing quarantine status and guidelines from IATF and LGU


Are seniors and kids allowed?

  • This will be subject to IATF and LGU guidelines, with certain exemptions


Can we style the event venue?

  • Yes, we encourage you to do so! However, we don’t provide this service and will encourage you to explore your own creativity in doing so
  • We work with several stylists and can recommend but just note that we do not have any accreditations or tie-ups with these professionals


What are the event times?

  • We have two slots per day:
    - LUNCH is for 10AM to 2PM
    - DINNER is for 5PM to 9PM
    If your hours are outside of these times, please let us know


How to save the date of your event?

  • We follow a 'first to down payment policy' to block the date
  • To block the date, we will require to settle 30% non-refundable down payment to our bank account (or other available payment options)
  • All down payment fees are forfeited upon reservation cancellation. Reservation and down payment fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-consumable except with Government mandated lockdown
  • Other scenarios where an event may not push through due to non-fortuitous events (such as natural calamities, abrupt lockdowns, etc) will be subject to deliberation and can be negotiated with the events manager
  • Please also note that due to the volume of inquiries and events we handle, checking the date availability will be one of the first things that we both need to determine


How long can we reserve an event booking?

  • The rate per area is for 3 hours, exclusive of the 1-hour ingress and egress. Additional of 5k consumable rate per hour for overtime (overtime is subject to approval as there might be an event that happens before or after yours)