At Home: Terms and Conditions

The choices of food shown only serves as standard packages. We are certainly happy to change & customize the delivery menu for you. Please communicate w/ our dining manager to see how we can make your at home or at office event more special.

Prior to dispatching, the food will be thoroughly checked and sealed. We will also make sure that it's stored properly to avoid spillage, lessened humidity. etc. However, upon receiving, we highly recommend that you take out of the packaging as quickly as possible. For desserts and other cold items, and if not going to be consumed immediately, please keep chilled or frozen. Should you need to reheat the food, please take out of the container and transfer to a more microwave / oven safe plate.

To save on wastage, utensils and napkins will only be available upon request.

We reserve to postopone deliveries for days that may be hazardous for our delivery team (e.g. weather, crisis, lockdowns, etc.).

In cases where delivery is attempted, but was unsuccessful due to the reasons including but not limited to:

  • Absence of the recipient or inability to be contacted despite several attempts.
  • Lack of sufficient logistical/road access to deliver successfully.
  • Lack of a suitable or secure location to leave the ordered items.
We will recall the item back to our facility and coordinate a redeliver of the same item separately.

Other promos & discounts will not be applicable for the event package, as these items are already discounted. There is no service charge but we have incorporated packaging cost and delivery cost into the packages.

Thank you very much & we hope to have your event at home or at office soon.